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Everest Trekking and Annapurna Trekking

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Nepal is synonymous with the “Trekker’s Paradise”. The best way to savor the natural beauty of Nepal is by tours and trekking across the country. Trekking is the best way to explore, and to get in touch with a rich tapestry of tradition and culture of people residing in the lap of Himalayan ranges.

What is Trekking ?

Especially, trekking in Nepal means: walking along in the forests of rhododendron, through isolated hamlets and mountain hamlets, viewing mountain peaks, watching varieties of birds, different types of animals, seeing monasteries, temples and breathtaking landscapes, encountering friendly people of different cultures working in the remote villages of the country, along scenic river bank, terraced fields, and forest ridges and many more.

Trekking options in Nepal:

Roughly, Trekking in Nepal can be divided into 3 categories.
1) Comfortable or Luxuries Trekking (Lodge to Lodge).
2) Tented Camp Trek.
3) Tea house Trek.

People can choose their trek according to their time, interest, physical fitness and budget.  Middle-aged and blanched veterans usually like to go for Comfortable or Luxuries Trekking The type may vary from teahouse treks to camps (including bivouac). It is advisable for a group to go for the camping. Teahouse treks are very much preferred by the individual trekkers and budget trekkers. It involves walking with a backpack and staying overnight at Teahouses. However, both options are available for the trekkers. In some areas of Annapurna and Everest Region, some companies own very comfortable Lodges and they provide luxury trekking.

Tips for Trekkers


-         Medical check up and inoculations before starting trekking can save you from unexpected hazards. Since the remote places of Nepal are not supplied with modern medial facilities, it would be best to save nine by stitching in time. Therefore, it is imperative to make an all-inclusive First Aid Box consisting of basic drugs and accessories as an important ingredient for the trekking.

-         A level of fitness that will enable one to put a good day's walking, up and down hill. A good physical condition will certainly add up mirth and excitement during the treks.

-         Altitude sickness is very serious case in high elevation. If you are going up more then 3000 meters, then you mustn’t show any insouciance. Over 3000 meter if you find any symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, weakness, heavy legs etc, you need to know that the sickness is slowly engulfing you. The panacea for this problem is to descend downhill to lower elevations immediately.  If you are traveling with reputed trekking company, they will inform you about this case and the place where people might catch altitude sickness.


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