Travel - Insurance

How important is Travel Insurance? Don't under estimate Travel Insurance.

  • A friends of mine traveled from United States to visit Nepal for short trekking. While she tried to change her dress, she had pain and couldn't move her leg, found hip dislocated. Really big problem, local Hospital couldn't do any thing. Talked with her travel insurance company, she had rescued by helicopter to Kathmandu and Air Ambulance to USA. But fortunately they had bought Travel Insurance policy before they left for travel.
  • A solo paraglider fall on the big tree and had spinal injury. He also rescued by travel insurance company for medical treatments.
  • A tourist broke an ankle coming from Annapurna Base Camp Trekking. His Travel Insurance Company paid all medical expenses including helicopter chartered.
  • A tourist from Poland fall down from a house first floor and broke Jaw. Need to operate and put steel plate, his travel insurance company arranged all medical treatments.

No one know when and what problem will occur while you travel. Buy a travel insurance policy to cover theft, loss and medical problems. You can read agreements what things are cover on your travel insurance policy before paying. Always buy travel insurance policy with top and best travel insurance company.