____1  Pair of walking boots for trekking (lightweight hiking boots with ankle support and rubber soles with thick tread)

____1 Pair of comfortable shoes, sneakers, or sandals for wearing at lodges in the evenings and for wearing around town

____4 Field shirts; 2 long-sleeved and 2 short-sleeved

____5 T-Shirts

____1 fleece jacket or thick sweat shirt

____1 Lightweight, wind proof jacket

____3 Pairs of thick cotton shorts (women may wear skirts if they prefer)

____2 Pairs of comfortable trousers, or skirts

____1  Track suit

____1 Set of warm sleepwear

____5 Pairs of thick, natural fiber walking socks

 ____4-5 pairs of underwear

 ____1   Swim suit





____Sun Hat

____Watch with altimeter and thermometer (optional)



____Pair of sunglasses with high UV protection and safety band

____Money belt (optional)

____Locks for your suitcase/duffel bag



Optional Amenities


____Camel Back or similar or your favorite water bottle

____Short wave radio

____Small and Medium sized Eagle Creak bags (or similar) for packing


____Guide Book on Nepal

____Flashlight with strong bulb (mag light or head lamp)

____Pair of lightweight binoculars

____Address book, writing paper, Journal and pencil

____Camera, plenty of film, extra camera batteries, lead bag or containers to protect film in airport x-ray machines

____Snacks, such as trail mix, energy bars, or candy

____Books on tape and a walkman

____Pocket knife

____Your own favorite day pack, which can also serve as your airline carry-on bag

____Half dozen Jumbo Ziploc bags or stuff sacks(one for socks, underwear;  one for t-shirts, shorts; one for dirty clothes; one for night clothes; one for small miscellaneous things like batteries, bulbs, medications, toiletries)

____Half dozen gallon zip locks for packing shampoo or other liquids

____Travel pillow

____Thread, needles, safety pins for minor repairs

____Your own favorite herbal teas

____Extra shoe/boot laces

____Walking stick (although walking sticks are provided on the trek, if you have a favorite "telescoping" walking stick that packs into your suitcase easily, by all means bring it)

____Pictures of your house and family (Nepalese love to see this!)



First Aid Kit


____Sun cream and lip balm with sunscreen

____Baby Wipes or other antiseptic gel

____moleskin (to prevent blisters)

____Spenco "Second Skin"  (excellent once the blister has formed)

____Aspirin/ibuprofen, etc.

____Cold-symptom relief tablets, antihistamine, cough drops, vicks



____Ace bandage or knee brace (if you are prone to knee injuries)


____Prescription medicines in their original bottles

____Acidophilus enzyme (available in capsules in health-food stores). This often helps your digestive system get in shape for "new" flora and fauna (eating yogurt does the same, however it is not always available). It is a good idea to start a course of acidophilus about a month before arriving in Nepal.

____Immodium, Lomotil, or similar anti-diarrhoea medicine

____Pepto-Bismol tablets and/or liquid (in leak-proof bottle)




____Small plastic containers to decant larger supplies


____Face wash



____Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss

____Rubber bands for long hair

____Nail file

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