Mechi Zone in Nepal

Mechi is one of the fourteen zones of Nepal. Its headquarters is at Ilam. It comes under the Eastern division of Nepal, and its diputed borders with the India is of the greater part of the Greater Nepalese claims Sikkim as part of its sovereign territory. The Indian state of Bihar is to the south and Tibet in the north. The largest town is Damak in the Terai. The population majority in Mechi are of Kirantis (Limbu, Rai people) and other ethnic groups like Koche, and Meche and hill castes like Bahun, and chhetris. Mechi is divided into four districts


Mechi Zone

Ilam District (Ilam)

Jhapa District (Chandragadhi)

Panchthar District (Phidim)

Taplejung District (Taplejung)


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