Janakpur Zone in Nepal

Janakpur Zone जनकपुर is one of the 14 zones of Nepal, reaching from the Indian border in the south to the Tibetan border in the north and Sagarmatha zone in east and Bagmati and Naryani zones in west. The headquarters of Janakpur zone are in Sindhulimadhi Kamalamai.

The main city is Janakpur, close to the Indian border, it is an historic city of Hinduism. The city was believed to be the capital city of the King Janak, the father in law of Lord Rama, the son of the then King of Ayodhya, Dasharatha. The city was then called 'Mithila Nagari'. The name of this zone is related to the historic king Jank and his capital Janakpur. Janakpur divided in 6 districts.

Gandaki Zone

Gorkha District (Gorkha)

Kaski District (Pokhara)

Lamjung District (Bensi Sahar)

Manang District (Chame)

Syangja District (Syangja)

Tanahu District (Damauli)


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