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Did you know how many visitors visited your page ? Hit counters display the number of  visitors to your web page. Hit counter are very popular among  Web Masters. There are many types of hit counter on the world wide web. Specifically, hit counters gives an idea to the web page owners and web masters  about their web page hits. From these results, weather they can decide weather they need more advertising and marketing of their web page or not. So hit counter are essential elements of web site.

There are three types of hit counters for web pages.

  1. Creating your own hit counters by using Java script, PHP script, CGI  script on your own server.
  2. Buy a hit counter from vendors.
  3. Get a free hit counter from others like, Branet and Bcentral.

With the first type of hit counter, the web master creates his own hit counter on his server by using different scripting language. In second type, the web master buys a different hit counter from a Vendor. Every year you have to pay for this service if you bought from Vendor. In this case Web Masters only need to put code language in their web page. But in the third type of hit counter some others provide a free service. This third type of hit counter comes with small advertisement banner of a service provider. In this third type also Web Master only needs to put code language in their web page.

Branet and bcentral provide free hit counters as well as other services. But taking any free service you need to read and understand the terms and conditions of the service provider.

This page will be updated soon.

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