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Guna Airlines : Being dedicated to service is always Guna’s motto, and this has been our work ethic since our conception. Now, with a broader audience in mind, we have launched GUNA AIRLINES. Guna Airlines will serve both local as well as foreign travellers regular, service and reliable flights to several destinations to and from Kathmandu. Coupled with all that, we provide the world-exclusive MOUNTAIN FLIGHT to Mount Everest and other beautiful Mountain Range of Nepal. The flight will take you on a journey to the top of the world and back, all in a few hours. Guna is always concerned about safety measures, and hence safety plans are carefully followed and regulated on a daily basis, provided by the guidelines of ICAO & CAAN.
With auspiciousness and blessings received from the god and our well wishers with the new year (2066 BS), Guna has launched its flight; literally as well as figuratively. This was a decisive time for Nepal and its people, and it was a decisive time for Guna as well. The Guna group of companies was already on a pedestal with the service it has continued to provide since its conception. The new aim was towards the sky- and with that, two aircrafts (two Beech 1900).
Beech 1900 has a seating capacity of 18 passangers and one for the cabin crew. With a major focus on safety and service, Guna aims to hold out a steady competition to the already established market-leaders in the aviation service sector.

Guna Airline Flight Schedule.

Domestic Flight Schedule
Effective date 17th May 2009 to 31st October 2009
Sector Flight no. Days of operations Time (local)
      Departures Arrival
KTM-MTN GNA-200 Daily 07:00 08:00
KTM-MTN GNA-300 Daily 08:20 09:20
KTM-PKR GNA-218 Daily 09:40 10:10
PKR-KTM GNA-217 Daily 10:30 11:00
KTM-BIR GNA-601 Daily 11:20 12:00
BIR-KTM GNA-602 Daily 12:20 13:00
KTM-PKR GNA-212 Daily 13:20 13:50
PKR-KTM GNA-211 Daily 14:10 14:40
KTM-BIR GNA-609 Daily 15:00 15:40
BIR-KTM GNA-610 Daily 16:00 16:40

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Guna Airlines
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