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Some useful hints for Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

 Search Engine Optimization, Top Ranking, High Rank, Web Site Submissions are very important factors in current website marketing strategy. We can assist website owner or webmaster who is trying to get a high rank in many top Search Engines and directories. Because the customers don't know all  products and services available in the market. Nowadays Search Engines and directories are the main portal in finding worldwide product and services in a global market. Customers only need to type a product name or keyword in the search bar and click on  the search button, the Search Engine will displayed a long list of available websites.

Previously many top search engines were collecting the necessary data for their site and they were accepting free submissions. Now  they have a lot of data so they are not accepting free submissions, although some new Search Engine can accept free website submission.

There are many Search Engine Optimization companies and gurus. Optimization companies and gurus are doing this ranking and submission work for the websites. They know the optimum Techniques and Software to submit websites for better placement and high ranking in the search engines. Some companies  and gurus give a guarantee for a top 10 rank in many Search Engines. , Submit express, Add me, Submit plus, Submit

Search Engine Optimization companies will do all the necessary work for the webpage to get high rank. Sometimes this optimization service company bought block submission facilities from the search engine in a discounted price.

For those website owner and webmaster who can not afford to buy these services, can also improve their website by changing and adding some items in their webpage (There is no guarantee at success but you may try your best.

  • Make your web page attractive with a good designed and your website related text and article.

  • Change and add meta tag in the html page between head tag.

  • Improve alt, heading and title tag inside your web page.

  • Use better keywords.

       Search Engine Optimization, Add Url, Top Ranking, High Rank, Web Site Submission are not  easy work. Different Search Engine charge different amount of money for this service. Yahoo charge US$ 299 but no guaranteed in the ranking. Yahoo also offer free website submission service for non commercial site. You can find more info on the yahoo website. charged US$ 49 and list in their network including Msn. Detailed info is available from . Other Search Engines like Altavista, Hotbot, Excite, Inktomi, Lycos have their website submission information in the related page of their website.

Now there is a growing concept of "pay per click" in different Search Engines for better ranking. More research is needed on this facility.

The above information I have collected from webpages and newsletter research and analysis. There are many different opinions regarding Search Engine Optimization and it is constantly changing with new technologies.

Finally, if you have an available budget, you can purchase services of Search Engine submission and ranking software or hire the services If not you can carry out the suggestions below.

1. Meta tag creation in html page between <head> ...</head> Tag

  • Title Tag  <title>Your webpage title</title>

  • Keywords  <meta name="keywords" content="put  keywords related with your webpage separated with coma(,)">

  • Description  <meta name="description" content="write description about your webpage">

  • Comment tag   <!--Put keywords related sentence-->

2. Other Tag with in the page.

  • Alt tag -- in your images.( <img src="image1.jpg" alt="Put the word, related with your web page keyword">

  • Title tag -- in your link page. (While you give a link to other page, you can put title tag, for example log on Nepal and you can find each link has title tag.<a href="Trek.htm" title="Trekking in Nepal">Trekking in Nepal</a>">

  • Heading -- heading and sub heading in the page <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>.

  • Link Exchange -- linking the webpage with other webpages.
    Link Exchange

  • Comment tag   <!--Put keywords related sentence-->

3.Other factors
Domain name also play a vital role on a high ranking in many search engines. But there are some pay search engines like  and other never care for any optimization technic with out payment.

Some Search Engines also give priority if your site is linked (Reciprocal Link Exchange)with another website. The more links the website has got more weight from the Search Engine is given. Anybody can try the above information but there is no guarantee of improving the ranking of the page.


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