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If you came here looking for information on Affiliate program then you have come to the right place, we have all the best links, products and services for Affiliate. From this site you may find answer of following questions. What is Affiliate Program ? How to run Affiliate Program ? Who can participate in Affiliate program ? Get the detail information about how to get best quality Affiliate Program !

  1. Affiliate Program is known as home business for high traffic web site owner and webmaster !  

  2. Affiliate Program is known as marketing and advertisement for Merchant !

          Affiliate Program and Associate Program can be defined as a money making program or home business for website owner and webmaster. In affiliate program either a Merchant or a Seller can both  make money by selling products and services in a global market through the  internet and via e-mail. There are two types of affiliate Programs:

1. Merchant Affiliate/Associate program
2. Seller Affiliate/Associate program

Merchant Affiliate/Associate Program :- If you are a merchant you can boost your sales by offering affiliate program with a good percentage of commission margin to the affiliate reseller. If a Merchant offers a good percentage of commission rates, definitely many Affiliate/Associate resellers will sell your product and services in the global market.
For creating affiliate/associate program a merchant needs to develop software to take care of the management of the affiliate seller and their sales tracking. Merchant can also buy this kind of software in the global market from affiliate software. If you do not want to do this affiliate management work yourself, but still want to sell your products and services through affiliate /associate partner, you can hire the service of a third party.
LinkShare, clickXchange,  --------- are offering this service. For more details you can log on to LinkShare,  clickXchange,  . Nowadays Merchants who want to boost their business and sales should create a 2-tier affiliate program to sell their product and services rather then spending a huge amount of money on marketing and advertising in different media. Through affiliate/associate programs, merchants can rapidly boost their sales in the global market. So affiliate/associate program are a growing concept for marketing and sales in the current worldwide web business. In this system merchants do not have to spent huge amounts of money for marketing and advertising because all the marketing and advertising will be done by the affiliate reseller. So definitely the Merchant can save huge amounts of money from advertisement budget.

2. Seller Affiliate / Associate: - If you are a seller and have a good website, you may sell products and service as an affiliate/associate seller. You can find top products and services to sell from your website. Affiliate program operator LinkShare, clickXchange, -----, ------- have got a long lists of merchants welcoming you to join their sales team by joining their affiliate program. Affiliate programs are also divided in to the following categories.

#. One Tier Affiliate Program.
#. Two Tier Affiliate Program.
#. Multi Tier Affiliate Program

In the one tier affiliate program you can get commission only on your sales. In the two tier affiliate program you may make certain % of commission if you recruit other affiliate sellers through your website tracking link. But in the multi level affiliate program you get a certain % of commission by recruiting multi level affiliate sellers. ------- is a example of a multi level affiliate program.

If you joined an affiliate program from a third party tracking affiliate program, you may have more chance to make more money, because you can choose the affiliate products and services from one place and from the best commission rate providers. And it is much more easy to join a different merchant from one place. All the tracking and commission will be calculated by a single management system. LinkShare, clickXchange,  -----, ------ are some examples of affiliate program operators where you can find many merchants welcoming you to sell their products and services in the worldwide market. Before joining any affiliate program you should read and understand their terms and conditions. Some program operators have got very long and complicated terms and conditions which are very difficult to understand.





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Worldwide Affiliate program Guide offer how to manage, organise and start affiliate program

Worldwide Affiliate Program Guide - Offer how to manage, organize, and start the affiliate program

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